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Learning programme

An opportunity to grow, develop skills, and build a valuable network.

The purpose of LLL programme is to harness students’ potential to play a leading role to contribute to a better world through engaged citizenship, and get immersed in leadership experiential learning opportunities. This necessitates that the participants possess, or at the very least, depart with basic skills that they will deploy to make the impact they desire.

Key skills and activities

Skill 1: Communication conduct the regular house conversations effectively, and communicate with (potential) stakeholders such as when a thought leader must be invited to facilitate a session in their respective house/s. It is also a critical skill for pitching project or business ideas to LLL panel and/or potential partners and funders as and when the need arises, depending on the nature and scope of the project.

Key activities: House dinners and conversations, pitching projects and business ideas

Skill 2: Emotional Intelligence

During house conversations, difference of opinions is likely to exist, and tension could arise. Further, being a diverse group and given South Africa’s historical-political context, some topics could be sensitive to others, and the fact that they share a living space being a diverse group, have heightened chances of experiencing conflict. Yet, for the house to function effectively, they must learn to resolve their differences and see beyond their conflict.

Key activities: Clearing sessions to learn to resolve their differences and see beyond their conflict

Skill 3: Leadership

While working on activities, each house is encouraged to take leadership roles in turns; or at least have each member leading a part or whole of a particular activity. For example, one could coordinate the house project, while the other is to collate views to fill in the report that they have to submit monthly. Therefore, assuming leadership role is at the heart of all activities at one point or the other.

Key activities: Opportunities to take leadership roles in turns

Skill 4: Diversity Awareness and Management

each house is as diverse as possible, from language groups, race, ethnicity, religion, study field, nationality, gender orientation and so forth. It is therefore imperative that each participant knows how to function intelligently within a diverse group. This is further in line with the envisioned role they will play when they have to navigate complex socioeconomic issues and work with diverse range stakeholders across society .

Key activities: Building relationships and friendships intelligently within a diverse group

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